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Eiman Seifeldin

Educational Expert in SEA

Ms. Seifeldin is the founder and executive board member of the Sudanese Environmentalists Association, Sudan.

She has experiences in the Environmental in relation to Political instability in the African context and worldwide.

She works for the benefit of vulnerable groups, including refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons and she is campaigning and lobbying for the rights of women in conflict areas.

She worked as a lecturer for Omdurman Ahlia University Faculty of Environmental Science. Ms Eiman Seifeldin is a member of international women for peace and security network USA and the African women leadership training - Nelson Mandela Peace Center in South Africa, as well as she was the vice president of the central and East African Region for Pan African Women organisation (PAWO) in the period from 2008 to 2012. Ms. Seifeldin was recently elected to the position of Secretary General of West Jebel Marra Organisation.

+49 - 17637200913

Eiman Seifeldin
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