This is the 2nd version of UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM, it comes after the 1st Umbaja Economic Forum 2017 on the question "Why we are poor? "We have to talk about it, right?

About UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 It is good to know:

Date and Time

UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 starts at 5 pm on Friday 23rd and ends at 3 pm on Sunday 25th of September 2022. 


UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM will be held in the (Great Hall) at cultural center Pavillon 

Lister Meile 4

30161 Hannover


The working language of the UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM is English.


Participation in UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 is open for all and for free. Nevertheless, registration is preferred, please, if you would like to attend the forum, send a registration message to the E Mail: umbaja@umbaja.org, or register here


In Umbaja Economic Forum 2022 we work hard to introduce to our guests a pleasurable, hospitable, healthy and delicious Sudanese Buffet. Whether our guest is omnivore, vegetarian or vegan he/she will find us at his/her disposal.

Covid 19 regulations

As UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM is held at cultural center Pavillon, the center covid 19 regulations will be in effect during our forum. We hope the situation will change by the time the conference takes place.

So please we ask our guests to wear an FFP2/KN95 mask in the cultural center  Pavillon. 

You can use google translator to read all regulations in German language  here