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Global Patriots

Encounters, positions and impulses on climate justice, biological and cultural diversity.

Global Patriots

A book that takes up the major environmental issues of our time and shows that it is people who bring about change! We call these people global.patriots because they work for a better world with big ideas, far-reaching deeds or small impulses, regardless of geographical borders.

In this book, young people, experts and representatives of indigenous peoples express their views on the connection between climate change, biodiversity and cultural diversity - and what consequences this has for our lives. The editors "want to contribute to a paradigm shift that helps to understand that biodiversity, natural and cultural wealth as well as justice and participation are basic requirements of all human activity and thus the basis of development opportunities, prosperity and welfare."

A book that offers four major themes, clear standpoints and yet many perspectives, with texts to dream and to wake up to! A book that you can get into at any point and that opens up to you as a whole!

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